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Bus Stop Psd Billboard Mockup

Free Bus Stop Psd Billboard Mockup
Hi there, hello there! We wanted to create something different from what we have created for the bus stop(s) and for that, we decided to work on a bus stop BillboardI. Although, all of us have seen what that is but allow us to share the details that you might now know. Billboard is an outdoor information panel that is used for advertising or public information for that matter.

Billboard can literally be put near or inside a bus stop or on the pavements to promote a business and it is super effective too. But the interesting part here is that, many businesses are now working and already planning to move towards more actionable type of marketing and advertising. We are sure that you must have seen the ones that are giving away free face masks – you can Google them if you want to in fact, you must check them out if you still haven’t. We can bet that you are going to love the idea as you would know that there are so many people who are wearing masks or cannot afford a face mask or two and such an interactive Billboard can be quite useful.

That being said, we would like to ask you guys how you take your ads? We take them seriously but right now, we want to know your process of looking at an ad (it could be anything from a TVC to a DVC to a GIF, a Facebook banner or a billboard). Usually, what happens is that an audience or an individual happen(s) to come across an advertising material, if the ad etc. is good enough to convince them to get in touch with the business, they will go to the social media platforms to like or follow the accounts so that in future, they can shop with them or share the information with the ones who might be interested in purchasing a product or taking a service. Have fun!


: December 9, 2020
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