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Free Apple iPad Air 2020 Mockup PSD

Free Apple iPad Air 2020 Mockup PSD

iPad Air 2020 is also thin and light in weight which makes it easier to carry and you can take it everywhere you go – be it going to college or to work or even to another country. You won’t feel a thing and since it is portable it also has up to 10 hours of battery life that will keep you going. With fast Wi-Fi and up to Gigabit‑class LTE, you will be able to connect even while you are moving. Isn’t that awesome?

Since the new iPad Air 2020 happens to have a lot of storage, cool features and specs. and even applications that have been and are being worked on specifically for this gadget, you can also start working on your amazing ideas of games and other entertainment apps etc. too. Or if your app already exists then how about you try to make it compatible with the iPad Air 2020?

Everything that you will design and develop can be shared with your team members and potential clients/investors using our free Apple iPad Air 2020 mock-up PSD file. So, get your hands on it and start creating magic!

: October 18, 2020
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