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Free Facial Wipes & Spray Bottle Mockup

Free Facial Wipes & Spray Bottle Mockup
Hey there guys! We are sure that most of you would know what facial wipes and toner are but for those who still don’t know what we are talking about, this one’s for you: facial wipes are soft tissues that are mostly wet and are used to keep up with the skin care routine. You can not only remove your make-up with these wipes but can also cleanse your face to remove the dust particles – the best part is that facial wipes are they are convenient, affordable ad you really do not need water to clean your face.

A skin toner is a liquid that helps you in cleansing your skin and it also shrinks the pores making sure that dust doesn’t damage your skin. Toners are available in different forms and sizes for example; spray toners which can be literally sprayed on the face as well as bottled toners that are used with a cotton round or ball. And of course, toners are manufactured by keeping in the different skin types in mind in order to make sure that they perform their function well.

That’s all for today, guys! We hope that this blog of ours and free facial wipes and toner spray mock-up PSD file are going to help you in creating attractive packaging for your brands. And if you want to return the favor then all you have to do is to leave your feedback for us in the comments section down below and also share our blog with your favorite colleagues as well!

: December 1, 2020
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