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Free Movie Theater Popcorn Paper Box Mockup

Free Movie Theater Popcorn Paper Box Mockup

To make an excellent popcorn box, you must ensure that you have gone through the brief and that you know the purpose of the design as well as the objective. For example; a movie popcorn box is usually red and white in color with the branding of the cinema or theatre whereas, if you have noticed the boxes that are for sale at the malls and outside shops etc. have a different theme to depict. So, let’s say that you want to pitch to a movie cinema for the rebranding of their pop corn boxes. What you can do is that you can also share ideas & designs with them that are solely representing a certain movie genre, a movie itself or the cast from the movies that are about to be released. By doing so, you will literally be sending away souvenirs and if we were to keep such things with us, we would even be ready to pay a little more than the regular amount.

We have created this pop corn box mock-up PSD file with a hand holding it because we wanted to help you guys give a more realistic approach to your designs and mock-up options and we are hoping that you will be able to demonstrate and share your creative thoughts in the best way possible.

: September 27, 2020
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