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Free Windowed Envelope Mockup PSD

Free Windowed Envelope Mockup PSD

Hi there guys! we think that someone must have come up with the idea of a windowed envelopes when they got done with their parents opening their mails before them. We know we can’t be the only ones whose parents are like that, right? Jokes apart though, we think that windowed envelopes look more professional and sleek and they are also convenient because the name and everything else is right there.

So, as you guys know that all our mock-up PSD files are absolutely free to download and they are highly editable which makes all the work very interesting and fun. Let’s get done with some easy to follow design tips first and then we will move to the part where we share how you can use mock-ups created by us for your design and creative presentations.

You must have noticed that we have kept the windowed envelope in the standard size to save everyone from the hassle of the size of their documents etc. and the entire body is kept plain in one solid color so that you can brand it too. Putting in the logo(s) all nicely with the brand tag line actually make the windowed envelopes even more convenient and professional. I hope you will enjoy it , Have fun!

: December 6, 2020
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